Common Spring HVAC Problems and How to Avoid Them

It’s officially spring and while many of us don’t love hearing the term “spring cleaning”, when it comes to your heating and air conditioning unit, it can actually save you money. As you enjoy the new season, there are a few things that you can do to help prevent major HVAC problems.

Change Your Filters. We’ll start with the easiest first, change your air duct filters in your home. That haze of pollen outside can easily trickle into your home and dirty filters make your unit run long, harder, and less efficiently causing you more money on your power bill. Just like you wouldn’t neglect cleaning your home for weeks at a time, don’t neglect changing your air filters every month, or more, this time of year.

Dirty Coils. Your oil needs changing in your car, the dentist polishes your teeth twice a year to keep cavities away and you wash your hands to keep from getting sick. The coils in your HVAC unit help keep it running smoothly and efficiently. These coils play a crucial role in the heat transfer process, allowing your system to function properly and effectively.

When the coils become dirty and covered in dust, dirt, and other debris, it creates a barrier that prevents the efficient transfer of heat. This means that your HVAC system will have to work harder to achieve the desired temperature, which can cause it to use more energy and drive up your utility bills. Cleaning your coils is a routine part of our maintenance agreements.

Check Your Thermostat. If something feels a little “off” with the temperature in your home, check your thermostat. Is it on auto or fan? What temperature is it set to turn on and off? Have the batteries been changed? Often the “problem” with the temperature in your home isn’t that your unit isn’t working, it’s the settings on your thermostat.

Clogged Drain Line. If your sink, toilet, or bath tub become clogged, the water backs up and can cause major issues in your home. Your HVAC unit produces condensation as it operates, and this condensation needs to be drained away to prevent damage to the system and maintain its proper functioning. When the drain line becomes clogged, the condensation cannot flow away as intended, and it can back up into the system. This can cause a number of problems. Make sure your drain line is clear from any debris and has an open space to drain freely.

Has Your HVAC Unit Been Properly Maintained? Proper maintenance is key to keeping your heating and air conditioning unit running smoothly. When our technicians perform routine maintenance on your unit they clean the coils, oil the motors, check your freon level, clean the drain lines, tighten electrical connections, check the heat exchanger for cracks, calibrate your thermostat and much, much more. All of these factors are important to keeping your unit running smoothly and any one of them can cause major problems. Our pre-paid maintenance agreements include a tune up once in the fall before cold weather and again in the spring before warm temperatures arrive.

Avoid costly HVAC repairs this season by following these simple tips. However, if an unexpected problem should arise, call your trusted source for any heating and air repair needs for over 50 years. Thornton’s Heating & Air is here when you need us! 

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