Keeping You Warm Is Not One Size Fits All

Cool weather has arrived, and as the temperatures continue to drop, the technicians at Thornton’s are here to keep your home and business warm and toasty all season long. While you’re kicked back watching your favorite holiday movie, you may not realize what is really happening “behind the scenes” in your home. There are several ways to keep your home or business warm and one size (or heating unit) does not always fit all.

Mini Split. When you already have an existing unit but have an additional area of your home or business that has been added on, a mini split may be right for you.  This type of heating and air unit is ductless, installed to heat and cool certain spaces or rooms within your home. These are a perfect option for a bonus room, garage area, or small home addition since they do not require an extension of the duct work. These units are often hung on the wall out of sight and run quietly and smoothly while controlling heat, air and humidity! The maintenance on a mini split unit is much lower than a traditional unit and they are more efficient when heating and cooling a single area.

Packaged Unit: If your home or business does not have a crawl space or basement area, a packaged unit is likely the most practical choice. This type of unit has one large metal cabinet which is often placed on a concrete slab outside of your home. A packaged unit can include a heat exchanger or heating coils but either way the entire system is “packaged” together to save space and improve functionality. A gas pack is a specific type of packaged unit where the unit heats and cools all in one system.  The heating portion of this type of unit normally runs on either natural gas or propane.

Split System: A split system essentially uses two units working together in homes where there is enough space to include and indoor cabinet or gas furnace. This could be an attic, basement, or large closet. These types of systems use duct work throughout the home to evenly disperse the air. There are many different types of split system combinations including an indoor furnace and outdoor air conditioner, an indoor air handler and outdoor heat pump. An evaporator coil comes with the pump and air handler as well. If replacing an existing unit, our technicians normally recommend sticking to the same type of unit that previously existed in the home. We are happy to discuss your options and the benefits of any HVAC units with you when considering new construction as well.

When heating your home or business, you’ll want to take many factors into consideration to ensure that you are choosing the right system for your needs. Size of the home, SEER, your existing unit, and geographic area are just a few items to consider. As always, the staff and technicians at Thornton’s Heating & Air are here to answer your questions and walk you through the process from consultation to installation. Call us today and let us help you stay warm and toasty this holiday season and for many more to come!

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