How To Keep Your Home Cool In The Summer Heat

If you’re from North Carolina then you know when you step outside you’ll find hot, even steamy weather until those fall months arrive. Hot exterior air means a higher electric bill and the difficult task of keeping your home cool. However, there are ways you can help by making small changes.

Keep It Covered. Keeping your windows covered during the peak daytime hours can help eliminate the sun’s warm rays from coming in. Whether you have blinds or, ideally, room darkening curtains, pull them closed when you leave in the morning. The department of energy says this act alone can reduce heat gain by up to 77 percent! That can mean big savings on your next utility bill, too.

Make Nighttime Hours Count. In the peak of the summer, performing normal household tasks can actually cost you more money during the hot daytime hours. Try drying your clothes in the evening and avoid turning on your oven in the heat of the day. Running your heat producing appliances during the day can actually raise the temperature of your home up to five degrees. Use the microwave or toaster oven, air fryer, or slow cooker instead of your normal range. Even running your dishwasher at night could cost you less since many utility companies have a lower evening rate. And, did you know that according to consumer reports, every time you open your fridge up to 30% of the cold air escapes? Let your food cool down before placing it in the cold fridge to give the compressor a break, making it run less often.

Open Them Up. An “old wives’ tale” states that closing the vents in unused rooms will actually cause your a/c unit to run less. This is actually NOT true. Closing your vents creates an uneven air flow, making your unit work overtime in other areas of your home to compensate. Keep your vents open and filters changed to ensure the air in your home is flowing freely and uninterrupted.

Seal It Up. When you’re paying for cool air during those hot months, you want to keep it where it belongs, inside. Adding weather stripping around drafty windows and doors makes sure the hot air stays outside where it belongs. Not sure if you have an air leak? Try the dollar bill test. Close a dollar bill in your window or door and if you can pull it through, then air can escape, too.

Adjust The Thermostat And YOU! Have you ever been in your home and just felt “hot” when the thermostat hasn’t changed? Drinking lots of water and cool drinks during the day as well as wearing cool, loose fitting fabrics can keep YOU cooler and away from the temptation of adjusting the a/c again. Raising the thermostat by even one or two degrees can cut your energy consumption every day.

Of course the number one tip we suggest for keeping your home cool in those hot months is an efficient a/c unit. If you think your unit is running too much, you have a sudden jump in your power bill or the air blowing out isn’t cool, trouble could be brewing. Thornton’s Heating & Air has over 49 years of experience serving the triad and triangle area and we’re happy to answer any of your heating and air conditioning questions. Call us today to get started on a cooler summer!

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