Investing In Maintenance

HVAC Repair

We know that you’re asked everyday if you would like an extended warranty, extra insurance or added protection for your purchases. While there are some situations where the extra investment is not worth the cost (remember those old alarm clocks from Radio Shack?), protecting your HVAC system is an investment worth making. Here’s why:

Reduced Electric Bill. Just like giving your car an oil change protects the engine or going every six months to the dentist reduces your risk of cavities, maintaining your heating and air unit can lower your electricity bill. By properly maintaining your HVAC unit, you are making sure that it will run efficiently all season long. Running more efficiently means running less often, therefore reducing your total power bill. Our technicians will come out once in the spring and then again in the fall to ensure your unit is ready for each new season.

Get More Life Out Of Your Unit. Routine tune ups, oil changes, inspections, and tire rotations keep your car running longer. The same is true with your HVAC unit. Our technicians will clean the coils, oil your motors, check air flow, drain lines, vents, gas pressure, burners, and much, much more. As you use your unit over time, it will likely require additional Freon. Avoid a service call in the summer months when your unit isn’t blowing cool air. With our maintenance agreements, we will check the Freon in your unit, adding more or adjusting it as needed.

Keeping You Safe. Your annual check up at the doctor’s office keeps your body healthy. Inspecting and adjusting your HVAC unit can help you avoid a potential unhealthy situation as well. Part of routine inspections include checking your heat exchanger for cracks. If cracked or broken, this component can lead to carbon dioxide leaks, often unnoticed in your home or business. Carbon Dioxide is a deadly, colorless, and odorless gas. We have responded to these repairs in the past, but if caught in time, they can be easily avoided.

Saving You Money When Life Happens. Even though you go for your routine dental cleanings, cavities still pop up from time to time. The same is true with your heating and air conditioning unit. A maintenance agreement can keep it running smoothly and efficiently – but life happens. If your unit needs an unscheduled repair during the year, our maintenance agreements allow you to receive a discounted rate on those surprise situations. And we promise it will be less painful than sitting in that dentist chair.

Sometimes in life, investing in protection is worth the cost. To get the most for your money and keep your HVAC unit running as long as possible, call Thornton’s Heating & Air today to get your semiannual maintenance agreement started.

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