Is Your A/C Feeling the Heat? Signs You Might Need More Freon

It’s August and the hottest part of the year here in North Carolina. While we’re getting lots of calls requesting information about new air conditioning units, another frequent comment is: “I think my unit needs more Freon.” Sometimes that is the simple answer to getting your unit back up and running but, how can you tell? Here are a few simple ways:

  1. It’s Running But Not Cooling. If you hear your air conditioning unit turning on and off and, and it’s continually running but the inside of your home or business isn’t cool then you may need Freon. Another red flag is if warm air is coming out of your vents when the air conditioning is turned on. Your system will only cool properly with the correct levels of refrigerant.
  2. Constant On and Off. If you’re asking yourself, “didn’t the a/c just cut off?” then it could be that your unit is cycling too often. Not only is a constant on and off cycling causing your unit to work overtime, but it also causes your electric bill to increase too. Low refrigerant levels could cause your unit to struggle reaching the desired temperature in your home.
  3. An Icy Situation. If you notice ice forming on your unit’s evaporator coils, it could be the refrigerant. Low levels can cause these coils to freeze, making your unit work less efficiently.
  4. Leaking Freon? If you hear a hissing or bubbling sound coming from your unit, this is a pretty significant sign that you could have a refrigerant leak.
  5. It’s Taking All Day To Cool Down. Well, it’s cool inside but, it’s taken all day to get there. This is often because your unit is struggling to keep up and working overtime to reach your desired temperature due to low refrigerant.

All of these are signs that your unit *could* need Freon. However, many of these red flags can be caused by other problems like dirty coils, the motor or an old, faulty unit. The best way to diagnose any air conditioning concern is to call the professionals at Thornton’s Heating & Air. Our technicians have the experience and training to troubleshoot any of your heating and air conditioning problems and have your unit back up and running often the same day. Put your Freon fears to rest by calling Thornton’s today! 

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