Fall Preparedness Tips: Get Ready for Cooler Weather

There’s not much better than fall in North Carolina. Football, beautiful leaves, pumpkins and of course, cooler temperatures. Before that first cool, crisp evening, get your home ready for the new season with these money-saving tips.

  1. Inspect Seals on Windows & Doors. Keep the warm air inside this season, where you really want it, and save yourself money by making sure your windows and doors are properly sealed. Inspect the seal on both windows and doors and replace as necessary to keep cold air out and warm air in.
  2. Test Smoke Detectors. A new season is a great time to check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and change as needed.
  3. Fireplace Safety. Before you light the first log or turn on your gas logs, inspect your chimney and fireplace. Call Thornton’s Heating and Air to service your gas logs before that first cold night.
  4. Change Air Filters. Can you honestly remember the last time you changed your filters in your home? Clear away the dust and debris from summer and start the new season off with fresh filters.
  5. Lawn & Garden. Fall is an ideal time for planting new trees and bushes and to trim away dead limbs and leaves. Make sure you keep the area around your outdoor air conditioning unit clear to allow for maximum air flow. 
  6. Insulate Pipes. Make sure your pipes are fully insulated and covered before that first freezing night. There’s nothing worst than pipes bursting in frigid winter. While you’re under the house take a look at the duct work to make sure no ducts are hanging, sagging or torn.
  7. Check Your Home’s Humidity. Dryer air cannot hold as much heat so your home may feel cooler than it really is. A humidifier can help increase the moisture in your home during the winter months.
  8. Stock Up. Think back to last winter and what you really needed. Firewood? A generator in case the power goes out? Snow shovel? Sidewalk salt? Now is the perfect time to stock up.
  9. Clean Gutters. Clean out your gutters and keep them clear from falling leaves to prevent a messy build up or overflowing water which could damage your house and yard.
  10. Schedule A Tune Up. Last but certainly not least, you’ll want to schedule a tune up for your heating system. Our trained technicians will perform a full maintenance check, clean your coils and make sure everything is ready for the new season. If you’re considering replacing your unit we’re also happy to provide you with a free estimate!

Taking a few minutes to get your home ready for the new season and cooler temperatures can lead to big pay offs in the winter months. As always, give Thornton’s Heating and Air a call for any of your heating and cooling needs, duct work, air purification and more. Year round, Thornton’s is here to help!

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